6 Best Way To Convert Your Social Followers Into Customer

This is one the topic every one of us is struggling with. We are unable to convert our Social Media followers into our customer.


And this is something we all are aware of and trying way hard to find different methods that can turn our followers into our customer.

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As there are people who follow you on social media, likes your content and love what you are doing.

That doesn’t mean they will pay money and buy your product or service.

But that has the tendency to make you money if you are able to convert them into your customer.

And there is not one method to do that.

There are infinite methods that you can use depending on your niche or topic.

 It is not just limited to grow from followers to customer and BOOM!!! 

And the methods suited my business doesn’t mean it follows the same pattern for you.

You may have a different route but the growth remains same for all of us.

6 Ways to Turn Followers Into Customer

These are my applied method which helped me to grow my blog from zero.

And if you are reading this I am thankful to You as you have made it possible.


1. Tell your Story

Why should people follow you?

So you need to provide insights on your life or of your Entrepreneur journey.

Storytelling is one of the best ways to build a strong relationship among like-minded people.Click To Tweet

It builds a trust among your followers that you are on social media to build a community and not just to sell anything.


2. Consistent

You have to be consistent in posting, you have to be consistent in the schedule, consistent in the kind of stuff you post whether it is Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter.

Consistency is the topic a lot of people hung up on.

But it is something which is very important in growing your fan/following base and then converting them into your customer.

 Consistency is like a building block of your brand. 

It will build a trustworthy relation.

Apart from that when people see your consistency they are more likely to engage with you and moreover invest in your product or service.


3. Honest

You have to be Honest and Authentic.

It’s 2018 now and we have no time to lie to or pitch ourselves.

People can see right through if you are trying to sell something or pitch them something that you don’t believe in.

Being Honest, Authentic and being Vulnerable makes you likable, trustworthy and it will make people appreciate you as a Human being.

They will connect with you and when ready, they will buy your product or service.


4. Generous

Generosity is an area where we lack.

You need to have a Giving mindset before you take.

The first thing you need to ask yourself that what you can do for your followers.

What value you can provide them free of cost before expecting anything in return.

You first need to know “Are you helping people or you are asking people to help you.”

When you are consistently and authentically being Generous on social media you will build your credibility among your followers.

This, in turn, will convert them to buy your product.


5. Beneficial Content

The fifth thing you can do to turn your followers into customer goes along with the 4th step that you need to be beneficial.

So in this Giving that you are consistently doing in social media, “Are they beneficial for your followers.”

Can they see the payoff after using your content that you are providing on your social media for free?

Has their quality of life improved after using your free content?

It doesn’t matter if you are creating a blog post, YouTube videos or Podcast. Is your content in any of the form beneficial for your reader.

And if people can see that they are happy without paying a single dime for such high-value content, they will definitely pay for your premium content, mastermind or any course you offer.

This is how they will help you when you ask for.

And through this, you will build customers.


6. It Takes Time

The final action you will take while converting your followers into a customer is to have Patience.

You need to realize that it takes time to build healthy followers that you can turn into your customer.

You followers need time to know about you even if they are following you for over a year.

So have Patience.

It is like when you first meet someone you never start selling your stuff rather you build your relationship first.

The same goes for your follower.

If you try harsh way to convert your followers into customer your followers will run away.

So try smoothly and give value first. It takes time to make your first penny.

But when you have great followers that will be ready to buy anything you launch or promote you will make a huge profit.


Final Word

Aggressively targeting your followers and converting them into a customer can provide some money but it is not good for long run.

Now people are building Facebook groups to build a community of like peoples around it so that they can promote their stuff.

Join My Facebook Group and Help each other Succeed

And through that people are converting their followers into a customer.

Apart from that storytelling and providing benefits to your followers should be the top priority.


“Do let me know what’s your secret to convert your followers into a customer.”

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