KWFinder Review And Tutorial [2018 Updated]

This is a complete KWFinder review and walkthrough so you can discover what this keyword research tool does and how it can help you.


Because many of us struggle to rank our blog post in the search result and the reason is not able to find proper keyword.

I remember the time when I used to find keyword for my blog post using Google keyword planner.

That was the most difficult job, especially for newbies.

So always wanted some easy peasy tool that can make things simpler.

And there were many great keyword research tool available in the market like Ahrefs, Long Tail Pro, SEMrush etc.

But for a new blogger, they are too costly.

Now KWFinder comes to your rescue.

You can have KWFinder free trial from here.

Try Free Trail

Let me answer your question and doubts.


What is KWFinder?

You might want to know what is KWFinder and how it can help you!!!!


Created by the team at Mangools, KWFinder is a tool that helps you find high search volume and low competition keywords in a matter of seconds.

It is a fast and easy to use tool.

And surely you will love the neat and clean user interface.

Especially if you are a blogger or content creator you should definitely check this keyword research tool.

And the best part is that you can even use some basic features for free. That I will discuss later in detail.


Why You Need KWFinder?

Whether you are a beginner or advanced blogger, you need some tools for keyword research.

We all know that picking a low competition high ranking keyword is the key to get organic traffic.

And if you could get it right you are going to have a very successful blog.

But finding long tail keyword is not that easy.

And many other keyword research tool cost much higher.

So there comes KWFinder.

Cheaper, simplicity, keeping user experience at the heart of both design and functionality.

Before moving any further a let’s have a brief KWFinder Review.


Brief KWFinder Review

One thing I cannot ignore is the clean UI.

This is the one thing that I get distracted by many of the Keyword research tools. That’s my personal opinion.

Maybe because other tools have a completed design and UI.

And if you are looking for simplicity, accuracy, and customization, you should definitely try this.

Pros :

  • User-friendly
  • Suitable for Beginner and Advanced User
  • Accurate search volume
  • Location search feature
  • KWFinder is a web-based tool
  • Quickly discover competition level
  • Easily Evaluate SERP
  • Find Hidden keywords


  • Keyword suggestion is limited based on your plans
  • Not all Keyword scores are displayed automatically
  • Limitation when importing list of keywords


Getting Started with KWFinder

Using KWFinder is very easy.

Let me walk you through each of the steps in detail.

You need to visit and register your account.

Now you can choose any of the plans mentioned below.


Or just for trail choose the free plan and use it as your free keyword finder.


Free plan will include only 5 lookups per 24 hours and 50 keyword suggestions.

You will definitely love this tool because of its features and end up in buying the premium version.

Click here to get KWFinder at a discount. Get it Now

Congratulations you created your KWFinder account and you are ready to research your profitable keywords.


How to Use KWFinder?

This is how the KWFinder dashboard will look like.

kwfinder review

Initially, you are going to enter your Seed keyword which you want to rank for.

And if your blog is location specific or your keyword is location specific, you can select your target country.

Then click on Find Keyword.

You can try here.

For example: Let’s search for “Hiking shoes” so as to get some easy keyword and high search volume.

This is what I got.

And I didn’t filter with language and country.


Ok, so you are basically researching for the first time in here.

So let’s understand few terminology.

 On the left side you will see: 
  1. Suggestion for your main keyword
  2. Trend of your keyword along with suggested keyword’s trend
  3. Average search volume (for last 12 months)
  4. CPC
  5. PPC
 On the right side you will notice: 
  1. Google SERP
  2. MOZ metrics
  3. Rank – means how difficult is to rank against your competitor. Lower the score better the chances.
  4. Estimated Visits a site gets for given keyword.

This is just the basic terminology.

Now let’s jump into our research.

As you can see the difficulty score of keyword “hiking shoes” is 49, which is difficult to rank for a new blog.

For new blog trying to find a keyword with as easy as possible.


Here’s the difficulty chart according to KWFinder.

 0-29  – Best Keywords that can be ranked with minimum efforts.

 30-54  – can be ranked but requires more effort and advanced SEO. Not for beginners.

 55-100  – Don’t think. I never tried to rank for these types of a keyword. Definitely, you will not rank on Google first page.

Though you can write a post about such keywords if your audience needs.

In general, these cannot be ranked for beginner bloggers.

Always target those keywords which are less competitive and have good search volume.

Even you can target low volume keywords as they are completely left untouched.

That’s best for creating an Amazon Niche Site.

Now scroll down further and see if there are some keyword with less difficulty score.

Hurrah!!! Here’s is some easy keyword which I found related to seed keyword.


This keyword “trekking shoes” has SEO difficulty 29 and search volume 18,150.

That’s how it works.

And it’s just a basic research for keywords that you can rank.

Looking for Some other metrics

After looking for difficulty score check the trend of your selected keyword.



As you can see that the keyword is still in trend.

So its a good keyword to target.

And if you see any low difficulty keyword with trends rapidly decreasing month after month, better skip that keyword or give less priority.

After that……

Analyze Google SERP and other metrics for the selected keyword.

Because finding keyword is not limited to Difficulty score.

You have to see other metrics too.


KWFinder will give you the Google SERP result too so you can know your competitor.

This is an excellent way to find how much of traffic each site is getting for that particular keyword.

As seen from the example here,  there are chances that a beginner’s blog can be ranked for this keyword.

On a single search, it will show the top 10 SERP sites.

You can click on “load more” to know the results from page 2. (This is limited according to the plans)

Now you can click on “Analyze SERP” to know more about your competitors in detail.

This is how it looks.

analyze serp result

The main disadvantage is that this result will open in new tab.

Sort of both good and bad for me.


So this is how you can use KWFinder to do your keyword research.

Now select your desired keyword(s) and click on export.

You can either copy your selected keywords or export as CSV file with or without metrics.

So that you can use it later for your blog post.


KWFinder Features

As you have just completed your basic keyword research, its time to jump into deep KWFinder review.

1. You can find Hidden Gems

As you might have noticed that I searched for “Hiking Shoes”, but that keyword was competitive.

But getting many other related keywords which have low difficulty SEO score.

And sometimes you can find amazing keywords which you can rank for even in some competitive niche.

2. Exact Search Volume and Data for Your Keyword

This can be simply explained with this two images as shown below.

Here I searched for “Hiking Shoes” and the difficulty level is 49, which is high for a beginner.

But then I searched again with “Hiking Shoe”.

Note: I removed the “S” and it is just Shoe instead of Shoes.

And the result is amazing.

Here is the Image.


Now got the almost similar keyword with less SEO difficulty.

Though the search volume is pretty low compared to the first one, still found something similar.

3. Autocomplete Feature

The autocomplete feature works in same way as Google when you search for a given word.

Just like this.


And KWFinder too follows the same procedure.

Take an example: Here I inserted the same seed keyword as “Hiking Shoes” and clicked on search.

And KWFinder did the same.

Here is the keyword research from KWFinder autocomplete feature.


A standalone tool for every keyword research.

No need to use any other tool or do a manual Google research to find some Keywords to search for.

4. Questions Feature

It is something similar to autocomplete feature.

It just differs in a way that it gives you Question words like What, How, Why etc.

This is what you get when you research keywords with Questions feature.


One of the best way to solve user query without flooding your post with 1-2 keyword(s).

I was a bit disappointed because in the SERPChecker, the page URL that ranked on 0th Position doesn’t show on KWFinder.

This is the result of Google search.


And this is what I find in KWFinder for same Keyword using Question feature.


The number before the page URL should have been 0 instead of 1.

However, I think that KWFinder automatically assigns 1 to the first result that appears on SERP regardless of whether it’s a featured snippet or not.

A kind of disadvantage or maybe not.

5. Import Keyword feature


You can literally bulk import your keyword to find the best match.

You can do it in 3 ways:

  • write the keywords as separate tags
  • upload your TXT or CSV file
  • drag & drop your file

Here is the screenshot of this feature.

The negative thing here is the limit, which you will find common KWFinder is Limit…..

You can only import 200 keywords.

This is based on my current plan.

But there will be some limitation of each and every plan.

it is not like other keyword research tool where you will get ton of data.

Though sometimes that tons of data confuses me more.

6. Filter Feature


You can filter your research with respect to search volume, CPC, SEO difficulty, PPC, the number of words and more.


KWFinder Pricing

I am using monthly plan right now but you can save 40% when you use Yearly plan.

But first, try with Basic monthly plan.

Get 20% discount on whatever you purchase from My link.

Here is the KWFinder Pricing & Plans (Annually)


Click here to give it a try.


Additional Features You Will Get

If you purchase any of the plans you will get a total of 4 SEO tools.

These are:

  1. SERPChecker
  2. SERPWatcher
  3. LinkMiner


A standalone research tool is all you need. Right!!

As you can see there is limitation on each feature according to plan.

So choose wisely.

Let’s review these features of Mangools in detail.

1. SERPChecker

This is what we have used during keyword research when clicked on “Analyze SERP”.

And you got another tab for this feature on your dashboard.

2. SERPWatcher

You can see the stats of your site and for what keyword you are ranking for.

This will give you the rise and fall of your ranking.


This feature is only for paid user.

You can even set your own tracking by clicking on “Add New tracking” button.

You will be taken to a new dashboard as shown below.


Just enter the URL you want to track and provide the keywords to check for your ranking.

Pro tip: Use your Google search console keyword to see the ranking.

Click on start tracking and you will get a detailed result.

3. LinkMiner

The best feature you can expect at such cheap price.

You can see the Backlinks of any website.

This comes in handy if you are struggling to built Backlinks for your own site.

You can find different websites with a click of button and target some to get backlinks.

Try here and check live.

Just enter the domain and find out links that you can “Replicate”


Final Word on KWFinder Review

KWFinder is an easy and amazing tool and it really helped me to come up with various ideas.

Its a must-have tool for New bloggers who are struggling to get on the search ranking.

The UI is neat and user-friendly (My personal favorite :-p)

You cannot use KWFinder to do more in-depth competitive research like SEMRush does.

It has a limit on many of its feature.

And you will always get some Daily Quotas of so and so..

You can start with its free plan and can upgrade later.

Because you will know how powerful this tool can be for you.

I hope you will love this detailed KWFinder review.

Click here to USE KWFinder.


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