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Yoast Setup For Beginners to Master SEO in 2018

Yoast Setup For Beginner

This is gonna be a quick tutorial on How to setup Yoast SEO Plugin to improve your WordPress site SEO in 2018.

In this tutorial I will explain few important settings that you should do immediately after installing Yoast plugin.

There are lot of things you could do later but these simple settings is enough to optimize your WordPress SEO.

It will definitely improve your content quality, SEO your site and also helps in Google search.

If you haven’t already started you should try it.

Download Yoast Plugin from here

So lets jump into the tutorial.

Titles and Metas

1. General

titles and metas

The first thing you gonna look at is Titles and Metas which will be the Title and Metas for your blog content.

This Titles and Metas option in Yoast will give you the ability to change Title Separator.

As you can see there are lot of Title Separator that you can use or change according to your requirement.

You an leave it as it is or if you want to use more characters on your Titles while showing up in Google search you can go for “|” symbol. As now Google calculates pixels and not characters.

For your information I am using the default (-).

2. Post Types

2. Post types

Here you need to make sure you are not indexing a whole lot of irrelevant stuffs.

You can hide Yoast SEO Box that appears on your post, pages, categories etc.

Here is the optimum setting you can use in Post Types

(A). Posts – Meta Robots (Index), Date in Snippet Preview (Hide), Yoast SEO Meta Box (Show).

(B). Pages – Meta Robots (Index), Date in Snippet Preview (Hide), Yoast SEO Meta Box (Show).

(C). Media – Meta Robots (noindex), Date in Snippet Preview (Hide), Yoast SEO Meta Box (Show).

You may have more option depending on your WordPress Theme and extra Plugins.

Now if you have options like Product pages, Features, Testimony, Podcast etc follow the same pattern as those for Post and Pages.

3. Taxonomies

The next one is Taxonomies which is how you categorize your post in WordPress.

Just use this setting for taxonomies.

(A). Categories – Meta Robots (noindex), Yoast SEO Meta Box (Hide).

(B). Tags – Meta Robots (noindex), Yoast SEO Meta Box (Hide).

(C). Format – Format-based archives (Enabled), Meta Robots (noindex).

4. Other

(A). Sitewide meta settings – Subpages of archives (noindex), Use meta keywords tag? (Disable).



yoast social

1. Accounts

Social media can bring a lot of traffic and you need to optimize you site with all the social media platform.

This is possible using Yoast.

Fill up all your account url and username and click on save.

2. Facebook

Add Open Graph meta data (Enable)

3. Twitter

Add Twitter card meta data (Enable)

Add Twitter card meta data to your site’s <head> section – use summary with large image.


Search Console

This is important step in setting Yoast plugin.

You just have to follow the procedure mentioned on the Yoast.

If you want I will have a separate blog post on how to submit your blog/website to Google search console, how to submit your blog/website to Bing.


XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps

Click on XML sitemaps and Enable XML sitemap functionality.

To submit your sitemap in Google search console you will need to click XML sitemap link as shown in the screenshot.



These are just the basic settings that you will need to immediately after installing Yoast plugin.

And these settings doesn’t require any extra knowledge and have very significant result in SEO.

You can always try more advance settings as you progresses.

If you got any question feel free to ask in comment section.

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