Crowdfire Review And How To Use Crowdfire [2019 Guide]

If you need to grow and manage your social media then Crowdfireapp will be your lifesaver.

So in this post, I will do a complete Crowdfire review.

What you will learn here:

  1. What is Crowdfire?
  2. How to use Crowdfire to grow your social accounts?
  3. Crowdfire Pricing, and
  4. Complete Crowdfire review

Let me be honest creating an engaging community on social media is time-consuming and cannot be done in a few days.

And if you are using multiple social networking platforms then managing, posting, growing cannot be done at a time.

So you need to have some tools to manage your Social Network.

And there are some tools which will help you in managing all of your Social media accounts in one place.

The one I have been using for over 2 years is Crowdfire App (Android App).

So let’s now dig deeper into Crowdfire review and find more about it.


What is Crowdfire App?

crowdfire homepage

Crowdfire is the social media management tool used to manage all your social profiles under “one roof” and helps you to grow your followers by following the “1-minute marketing” technique.

Crowdfire will help you automate your process and you just need a few minutes to do it on a daily basis. It will definitely increase your social media following.

How to Use Crowdfire?

Now you may want to know how to use Crowdfire?

Crowdfire will ask you to grant permission for the account you want to connect. (I primarily use it for Twitter)

If you want to Increase your follower on Instagram do read my other post – Best Ways To Boost Your Instagram Presence

All you really need to do is access the service once per day and follow the instructions it gives you.

Now to use Crowdfire you have to sign in.

Just visit Crowdfire and click on Sign in and you can sign in with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or can register with your email.


Now if you used any of the social logins then you have to grant the access and allow Crowdfire Post and manage on your behalf.

Authorizing Crowdfire

After signing in you will see your dashboard.

Now Add all your Social Media account you like to manage.

There is all possible social channel you will need to promote your Business, Brand or Personal Profile.

To add new accounts: Click on Accounts and add the one you need.

This is what account section will look like.

Add the channel according to your need and authorize the network to use Crowdfire.

Now after authorizing the social network channel, you are ready to use Crowdfire.

Crowdfire Features

There is a lot of section you will see in the Crowdfire dashboard.

The first thing you will notice is the Content Tab.

Content Tab

content for crowdfire

The Content tab itself is divided into four sub-categories.

These categories are:

1. Articles

This is the place where you will find curated content according to your chosen categories.

This is one of the best ways to share amazing articles with your social community so that you can share knowledge and have a well-engaged audience.


2. Images


This is again a great feature of Crowdfire.

You get a separate option for content and Images.

These Images will also be based on the topic you have selected.

You can share these Images on any of your sites.

Images are a great way to grab user attention.

You can post these Images on Instagram, Facebook or even on Twitter.


3.  Your Post


This will be from your Blog, Video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and from stores that you have connected.

Now you will get your content ready to be shared by just one click.

I have connected my personal blog in the above Image.


4. RSS


As I said in “Your Post” option I have connected my personal blog and I have used the RSS feature of Crowdfire for this blog.

This is because I have connected both of the social accounts on Crowdfire.

Just type in the URL of your blog or the blog you wish to connect via RSS.

Crowdfire will fetch the blog content so that you can share it easily.



It the second tab that is specially designed for managing and growing your Twitter account.


And this is how it looks.

You just need to select the profile and you can see Non-followers, Fans, Recent Unfollowers, Recent Followers, Inactive Following, All Following, Competition’s Followers, Keyword Search.

Now You can easily look for Non-followers and unfollow them. You can have an account which has your genuine followers.

The best feature about Crowdfire which I like the most is Competition’s Followers and Keyword Search.


Competition’s Followers


Here you can add the user name of your competition or even of your mentor.

And Crowdfire will suggest you the people to follow.

You can modify or add your Competitors at any time.

These people will be based on your category or from the same Niche. So you can have a community of people with similar taste.

Thus it is one major feature that helped me to gain so many followers in less time.


Keyword Search


Based on your Niche you can put some keyword here and you will get the suggestion to follow accounts that tweets on your chosen keyword.

This is again an amazing way to build a community of similar people.


There are more features like Friend Check. Whitelist, Blacklist, etc. You can play around it to know more about it.


Composing and Scheduling



Now, this is the part where you will Compose and Schedule your Post.


Click on Compose and you will get 3 option like Post now, Post at Specific Time, and Post at Best Time.

You can set it according to your need and schedule but do give a try to “Publish at Best Time”.

I still don’t know how it calculates or finds the best time to post but it worked for me as I got more Likes and Retweets through the Crowdfire campaign.

The option to add #Hashtags also a good option you will find in the same dashboard.

Try different options and check which one works best for you.




You will be asked to set up your “Prescription time” during the setup.

It is the time when you need to follow some of the task provided by Crowdfire like Following accounts, sharing Images and Post, Sharing other’s content, Un-following people, etc.

It will appear one time daily.

Just follow it.

But you don’t have to follow every step. You can skip some and still increase your followers.

It solely depends on how you can manage it.

Crowdfire Pricing

Crowdfire paid plans and free plans include the following things:

crowdfire pricing

Final Word on Crowdfire Review

So now you will get the basic overview of the Crowdfire tool.

It is available as an app too. So you can manage your social media on the go.

It will definitely give the result. And I am saying this from my own experience.

Apart from that, I feel Crowdfire is safe and you should definitely give it a try.

Try the free version first (Though it has few limitations).

This is the brief Crowdfire review.

Use the app and let me know your experience.


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