About Success Piper and ME


Welcome to Success Piper (SP) – A site designed mainly for your success and for you to quit your 9-5 job. This page is dedicated to all those startups and Entrepreneur who wants to achieve something in their life.

What you will find in Success Piper ?

Ignore the word Piper as it has no meaning but the first word is something we all want in our life i.e Success. So here you will find your way to became successful which includes :

  • Social Marketing Strategies which I have used over a time span of 4 years. My only motive is to bring you all those ideas in simple way so that using and implementing those option cannot seems difficult.
  • 99% appropriate methods to earn money online without going to cheat anyone. Though the second one seems easy :-p .
  • Blogging Tips and Tricks which every business and blogger needs to know to compete in the over crowded market. Will post all those method which I have used or going to use in this blog.
  • Success Stories is a good motivator in boosting self motivation. I will try to bring out the stories of all successful Entrepreneur and Startups who started from scratch and achieved a milestone in their life.
  • Small, Medium & Large Business Ideas : I am not saying all Ideas that will be listed here are based solely from me. I will try to bring out the best from the rest so that you can choose from them. Its always better to learn and earn from the old product and ideas, but in a Advanced manner.

About Shadab Alam (Yeah its me)

Shadab Alam - Success Piper

If you read this far you might want to know the Mind behind this Blog with personal details. So lets get started.

I have completed my Mechanical Engineering from Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology in 2016. Yes you read it right. I am not a Software Nerd but Blogging is something that I was doing since 2010. So yes I can teach even the Beginner who don’t have any coding or blogging knowledge.

Many of you can identify me as someone else. Why so? Because I an a published Author too. I have published three Novels named as Love Like A Fairy Tale , Unspoken Love – The Soul Mate , and Short Love Stories.

Like I said I am a Person with multiple Knowledge Disorder.

Now there are two more sites which is Under Success Piper. These are :

  1. www.shadabalam.in
  2. www.crackjacks.in

So you can too became a multi specialized person and I will help you to attain that without going to the hardship which I had to go through during the beginning of my career.

This is just for the start. Stay connected with Me on this journey and start living your dream.