7 Best Apps for Editing Your Instagram Photos

Recently, SuccessPiper has published the article on how to turn your Instagram account into a source of profit.

One of the key points mentioned in this article was that great and visually interesting content was crucial for gaining followers and attracting brands.

Instagram itself offers a few methods for enhancing how your photos look, most notably its inbuilt filters.

But the features of the basic app are a bit lacklustre when compared to other software in the market.

This comparison highlights how you could easily turn your Instagram posts into works of art satisfying even the most demanding audience.

If you want to only get the technical details, there’s a comparative table at the end.



1. Prisma: Art at Your Fingertips

Prisma was a worldwide phenomenon when it released and still holds up today.

The app uses sophisticated neural networks to transform your images into awesome-looking works of art. While it’s still fairly obvious that these aren’t actual paintings, the results are often mind-blowing.

However, the app lacks other functions such as the ability to remove random people from photos. Still, if you’ve always liked Monet or Picasso, Prisma is the app for you.

The basic software is free, but some of its filters are locked behind a paywall.


2. Snapseed: Editing for Influencers

The majority of third-party software for Instagram focuses on filters and improving aesthetics, but Snapseed is a bit different.

The app only has about 10 filters, which are all fairly basic. That said, its main feature is its editing capabilities.

Snapseed is almost akin to Photoshop. The app can instantly apply colour correction to your photos and even add bokeh and HDR effects.

My personal favorite is its deep contrast mode, which massively improves how shadows look and make images stand out.

Snapseed is developed by Google, which means that the app gets regular updates and is completely free.


3. VSCO: The Golden Standard

Among all other software reviewed in this article, VSCO is perhaps the most well-known in the Instagram community.

This is for good reason. VSCO has been out there for years and has a sizable base of filters which range from simple colour correction to Prisma-like transformations.

The app also offers video editing capabilities, which have become increasingly important with the introduction of Instagram Stories and live streams.

Another advantage of VSCO is that the app also includes a huge collection of tips and tricks to improve your content. At the same time, many of the filters are subscription-only.


4. Adobe Aviary: Editing for Beginners

If you’re just starting to become an Instagram influencer, Adobe Aviary might be the perfect software for you.

Adobe has been releasing photo and editing software for years, which means that Aviary is based on the huge market experience possessed by its developers.

This certainly shows as its interface is perhaps the easiest to get into among all other Instagram software. Another advantage of Aviary is its enormous database of over 1,500 free stickers and effects.

While you have to pay to use other filters, the prices are typically much lower than that for VSCO. Aviary could also suggest edits on its own, which could be huge if you’re in a hurry.


5. Framatic: Quick and Easy Collages

At first, the features offered by Framatic seem underdeveloped when compared to similar apps.

The list of filters is not as expansive as its VSCO counterpart and the software does not boast advanced neural network algorithms like Prisma.

However, Framatic makes up for it with the ability to quickly create beautiful collages by combining and resizing photos automatically.

This is great if you want to make a thematic post, but are unsure of what picture to choose. Framatic eliminates this problem by allowing you to post all of them at once.


6. Facetune: Selfies for Everyone

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that selfies are a vital part of the Instagram culture.

A good selfie not only makes you look great but also is important for cooperating with brands selling cosmetics or offering health services such as dentistry.

This is where Facetune comes in. The app has an intuitive interface that allows its users to remove the negative photo effects (red eyes or wrinkles) simply by swiping.

Another feature is changing the photo background so your best features really stand out.

While Facetune is a bit lacking if you want to add stickers or other effects, the app offers great value while providing its core features for free.


7. Enlight: Unlimited Creativity

Enlight was the winner of the Apple Design award in 2017, which speaks volumes about the quality of the app.

While other software focuses on filters and image correction, Enlight goes further and allows you to unleash your inner artist.

By superimposing images, applying visual effects and almost rivalling Prisma in its colour modification options, Enlight turns simple photos into graphic art that is indistinguishable from digital paintings.

Sure, it’s not quite as exciting as grabbing a brush and getting a good canvas, but Enlight still is a one-of-a-kind tool for amazing your followers.

Its pricing model is the only drawback.

Unlike all other apps in this list, Enlight is not free.

That said, its total cost is still lower than some of the subscription options for other software.


Final Word

Getting new ideas for social media posts can be challenging, particularly when limiting your creativity to promotional messages only.

On Instagram, you not only need to convey brand-centric meanings but also visually frame this communication.

The software mentioned in this article could help you significantly in reaching the brands you want to cooperate with and making your sponsored posts meaningful and appealing.

So don’t despair when you run out of creative juice!

Just launch an app and let it do the work for you.

What follows is a brief evaluation of the key features of the photo editing software, the pricing models and their availability on different mobile operating systems.




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