Best 90 Blog Post Ideas And Secret To Finding More Ideas

From where you get the Blog Post Ideas!

best blog post ideas

I know it’s one of the worst questions you can expect.

And a lot of us really struggle to find the best Blog post ideas for our audience.

You are not only the one who struggles here.

My friend, I am on the same list too.

But when I do get stuck finding ideas for blog post these are the things I do.

And you know there are 100’s of blog post ideas that you can use still you are not aware of them.

90 Blog Post Ideas

Here I will give you my top ideas that you can use for yourself irrespective of what Niche you are in.

These are the methods even used by top-notch bloggers and content creator.

Personal Blog Post Ideas

1. Tell your audience about the new tools that you have used.

2. Post about the new created resources or checklist.

3. The obstacle you were going through in your blogging journey.

4. Tell a personal story

5. Give some motivational tips.

6. What type of work you can do while travelling?

7. Provide answers to the questions people ask you in email.

8. What helps you to be creative?

9. Provide some insights about the courses you create or the freebies you are working on.

10. Share about your recent travel experience

Educational Blog Post Ideas

11. Step-by-step guide.

12. Create in-depth guides (2000 to maybe 10000 words long)

13. What are the common question that beginner experiences in your Niche

14. If someone wants to start in a same niche, how they can?

15. What tools you use to manage your Blog?

16. Review each and every tool you use in Your Blog.

17. Provide step-by-step tutorials to use that tool.

18. Transcribe Your YouTube video into Blog post (If any)

19. Write about the new trends in your Industry.

20. Create Inspirational quotes from your industry.

21. Announce coupons, Giveaways and Contest.

22. Share behind the scene. Like behind the scene of your YouTube video creation or behind the scene of your Podcast.

23. Write about the tools and equipment you use to record podcast and YouTube videos.

24. Create and start a challenge for your audience.

Expert Roundup Blog post Ideas

25. Write about the achievements of any expert or influencer in your business area.

26. Take the interview and write in blog as Question and Answer.

27. Ask the expert for opinion on certain topic and write as blog post.

28. Share a list of famous people around your business.

29. Write about their life and their success story.

30. Write about their best work.

31. Share quotes from experts. Provide list like 500 Quotes from “XYZ industry”.

32. Capture Experts tweets and Facebook post on certain topic and post them in your blog.

PS: Don’t forget to give them credit and do mention them so that they can share your blog post.

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Just basically anything to everything you can share in this category.

33. Your daily routine

34. Your morning routine

35. What’s your favourite book?

36. About your Pet.

37. Likes and dislikes of your pet.

38. Your makeup.

39. Your Music playlist.

40. What are your Hobbies?

41. What are the podcast You hear or the YouTube channel you Subscribe.

42. Tell about the Book you are reading.

43. Tell about the movie you watched.

44. What’s your favourite Food?

45. What places you visited?

46. What places you want to Visit?

Fun Blog Post Ideas

47. Write about the funny incident you have.

48. Roast any post or videos from your industry.

49. Create surveys and polls.

50. Create Parody.

51. Challenge your audience for certain topic.

52. Do live streaming on YouTube, Facebook and on Instagram.

53. Write about your Hobbies excluding everything from business.

54. Share travel images or images from dining.

Blog Post Ideas for Students

55. Exam tips.

56. Best Books kind of post.

57. Importance of Backpack

58. How to be productive during classes.

59. Graduation looks and ideas.

60. Discounts for College students.

61. Tips to be successful.

62. How to build credibility as student?

63. Importance of self care.

64. How to save money during college time.

65. How to survive the final week?

Controversial Blog Post Ideas

66. Myth buster. Ex: “SEO is no longer have importance” or “Blogging is dead” etc.

67. Make a myth on some hard facts.

68. Write about the debate between two as blog post.

69. Future prediction.

70. React on blog post you recently read.

Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

71. “How to” post.

72. Use of free tools available in your business niche.

73. Market yourself without promotion.

74. Keep tabs on your competitor. Post like “XYZ tool ABC uses to Boost Post”.

75. Write about your own journey.

76. Write what you are learning while blogging.

77. Review something that you are using.

78. Write about your love for blogging.

79. Write why you started at the first place.

80. Your experience till date and your future plans.

Other Blog Post Ideas that Always Perform

81. Case Study

A case study contains more value than any usual blog post or articles.

It is widely used blog post ideas and many experts use these techniques to drive more traffic to their blog post.

You can see this technique used by many experts like Brian Dean.

Here’s the screenshot.

82. Series Post

Writing a series that can be released like daily or weekly on a certain topic can be good blog ideas you can use to build your audience.

Even I am planning to do Series post on certain topics like Building a Niche website in 7 Days and Creating a brand new Shopify store and making first sale within 15 days.

It can be a challenge as well as series post that you and your audience can follow together.

83. Top  Post

You can create list of top products across each and every niche.

And these post can get more share compared to other content.

You can create posts like:

  • Top 10 Products that can change so and so trends.
  • Top 10 WordPress Plugins to use in 2018
  • Top 25 Best blogs of All Time.
  • 100 Worst type of controversies.

84. Research Post

If you have done new research in your industry then sharing them as your blog post can be amazing.

Conducting your own research is one of the best ways to build your blog and establish yourself as an authority.

Note: You can also curate research from third-party (websites or article) and can pull it together as an infographics or blog post which can solve the majority of your audience’s question.

85. Infographics

Infographics are the visual representation of the information.

Even creating infographics from third-party articles and posting on your blog can be a good blog post idea.

But don’t forget to mention the source of the article.

Have the infographics on your blog.

When other people embed the same infographics on their site/blog you will get backlinks.

86. Checklist

If the content you are delivering can be broken down into list then that checklist can perform well.

Even creating checklist can be used to build an email list.

87. FAQ’s

Just provide answer to each and every question that you can ever thing of on a Particular topic.

Try to answer the most related question that your audience ask on regular basic.

That is the question your new audience might be searching for in Google.

So providing all that sort of questions under one post can bring you on the top of search page.

88. Link Post

Curate and link to multiple posts that your audience might be interested in.

Remember to notify the creator to maximize your shares.

And if you include other people in your post and provide Free Backlink then they might do the same for you.

Anyway, it’s a win-win solution always.

89. Comparison Post

Writing review is good practice but comparing one product/service with another always performs best.

And comparison blog post can even increase your sales.

While comparison give your genuine review.

Try to cover each and every pros and cons as possible.

Always do an unbiased comparison.

And you can even include which one you are using and the reason behind it.

90. Income Report

Some of the top-notch blogger like Pat Flynn like to showcase his monthly income report.

As it is a nice way to be transparent as well as it also shows your credibility.

Even income report is one of the best ways to promote Affiliate products links as people like to join that service or buy its product.


How to Find Blog Post Ideas

Still didn’t get the blog post ideas!!!!

Don’t worry.

Here’s the way.

Now you can find blog post ideas by yourself.

And I personally use these techniques to find more blog post ideas that I can use on my blogs.

Use the techniques mentioned below and you are good to go.


An amazing question-answer site and a gold mine to find blog post ideas.

This is the place where you can find what people are searching for.

And there are tons of question that people are asking here.

The main advantage of Quora is that you can find a question on every niche that you can imagine.

Just create an account on Quora and search for the question or topic you want ideas on.

Apart from finding blog post ideas, you can even use Quora to promote your Blog.

I have a post on How you can use Quora to promote your blog post. You can read that too.


Another great way to find what content you can create that will definitely work.

This is like finding those content which are in trends or proven to work in the past.

Just Go to BuzzSumo and enter your keyword.

It will give you the list of post that was published during your selected period.

And the amazing feature of this tool is that it will also give you result in term of social sharing.

So now you can have a post title that proven to work and people like to read such post.

All you have to do now is to create a better version of that post.

Suppose there is a post on “20 Blog Post Ideas” then you have to create like “100 Blog Post Ideas”.

And you can get amazing ideas without doing any hard work.

Just as an example to show you I put the keyword as “Boost Blog Traffic”.

And this is the result I got.

As you can see there are so many post ideas that you can use.

And the ranking is based on social shares.

It also shows in which platform the content performs the best.

And in this case, it is Pinterest.

You can also read: How to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest.


Have you ever thought of using Twitter to get your blog post ideas?

If Yes, then you are genius.

But in the beginning I was not aware that Twitter can be used to find Blog post ideas that can drive insane amount of traffic.

Wondering how?

If you are using Twitter on Desktop then you can see the “Trends for You” section.

These are the things that were trending on the Twitter.

And creating a blog post on this type of #Hashtags can make your blog post viral sometimes.

Another option is going to Analytics and then click on Events.


As you can see the upcoming events and their reach.

Click on View details and you can see what other people are posting in that category.

So it’s a great way to find blog post ideas that will work.

Google Trends

It can be used for doing basic keyword research as well as finding trending post ideas.

Just visit

You can see the current trending topic for your blog post.

Still not got what you were looking for?

Use the search bar and type in your main keyword.

Here, in this case, I typed “Search Engine Optimization” and this is the result I got.

use google trends to find post ideas(1)

Now you can see the trends based on region as well as the related topics.

If you are in the news or magazine kind of Niche then Google trends is a must have tool.

Google Autocomplete and Related Searches

Everyone use the search engine (basically Google) to find their answer.

And you can too use to find more blog post ideas.

And Google will help you to the hard lifting.

Just type in “how to” and put space after that. You will notice Google autocompletes everything what people were searching for.

google for post ideas

Even you can add space before the sentence to get more ideas related to your keyword.

And the other way is to navigate to the bottom of search results.

You will see related searches like this.

google part2

It will not only narrow down the competition but also gives you the ideas of what people else were searching for.

Use these related searches to frame your blog post ideas.


As YouTube is the second largest search engine it can also provide you with tons of ideas that people were searching for.

Same as Google it also gives you the autocomplete feature in search.

That too can be used to find inspiration for your blog post ideas.

Even after that, you can repurpose your blog post into YouTube video so as to cover YouTube platform also.

Facebook Groups

Probably you have joined a lot of Facebook groups and may have seen the discussion that was going around.

People ask the question from a beginner to advance level.

And that can be used to curate ideas for your blog post.

See what are the common questions people ask.

And to solve them create a blog post around it.

If you want you can join my Facebook group. Click here to Join Now.

Answer The Public

One of the best site to find tons of ideas for any blog.

Just go to and enter your search term.

answer the public to find more blog post ideas

Answer the public for getting blog post ideas(1)

As you can see from the image how many amazing ideas you can get with just one click.

And those were the questions that people were asking or searching answers for.

You can even find questions based on a term such as how, when where, in both graphical as well as in alphabetic order.

Save the ideas or export the result to CSV file for future reference.

Amazon Hack to Find More Blog Post Ideas

This is a kind of spying on the best seller books and ebooks to get an idea.

Search for your keyword on Amazon and find related Ebooks on such topics.

Just for the demo I searched for “How to publish your Ebook” and found an ebook.

Click on “Look inside”.

Scroll down till you reach Table of content.

That’s it.

For the above demo, you will see something like this.

use amazon to find blog post ideas

That will be a great list of blog post ideas.

Don’t just copy the content as it is. But you get the inspiration.

Use these options to find blog ideas of your own.


It works similar to the Amazon hack we did before.

Go to and search for the course in your niche.

For the demo I searched for “Starting an Amazon FBA store”.

And got 1 best-selling course with more than 20k students enrolled.

Scroll down to the Curriculum and expand each module like this.

udemy for blog post ideas

You will find what the creator is teaching.

So that can be used to find amazing blog post ideas.

And you will get best working ideas for free.

Blog Post Ideas Generator

This technique is used to find amazing blog titles but it can provide you multiple blog post ideas for a single keyword.

There are a lot of tools you can use but my personal favourite is.

Inbound’s Blog Title Generator

This nifty tool is amazing in finding some amazing blog titles which can increase your CTR to a high extend.

Just as an example I used “SEO” as my keyword. And got such results.

Blog Title Generator

Hit the refresh icon to get more titles and ideas for blog post.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Just enter you’re your subject line and bam!!!

It will give amazing results and titles that you cannot think of.

Here’s the example.

portent's content ideas generator

Click refresh to get more ideas.

Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor

You can get endless amazing results with this ideas generator.

The best feature in this tool is that you can specify whether the keyword you are using is Generic term, industry, brand, or skill so to find the best match.

Here’s the same keyword as “SEO” but different post ideas as well as titles.

seo pressor blog ideas generator

HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator

The best feature about this tool is that you can put 3 nouns together to get your blog post ideas.

Just for the demo, I used the same keyword as “SEO” to maintain equality :-p

This is the result I got.

hubspot blog post ideas generator

Five different ideas for the same keyword.

That’s a month blog post ideas.

Tip: Use all the mentioned tool for same keyword and find the best titles that you can write for your audience. And combining all the tools can give a lot of ideas to blog about.

So you never “run out of blog ideas”.

Brainstorming For Untouched Blog Post Ideas

As of now, all the above-mentioned methods are great to get started or break the barrier when feeling stuck.

But the best and unique ideas come from within.

This is where you need to be creative as well as solving problems your audience might be facing.

And the titles and post ideas you will Brainstorm will be 100% yours.

Let take an example of Ryan Biddulph (Blogging From Paradise.)

He uses this amazing technique to write creative blog title that is meant to attract the attention as well as solving the problem.

Here’s one of the post.

Electrified Skeeter Rackets

As you can see he uses the word “Electrified Skeeter Rackets” to teach about Blog Monetization.

And by no means, you can find such amazing title ideas from online tools.

Though it is useful but brainstorming cannot be replaced by any means.

Pro Tip: Combine brainstorming with online tools and get amazing results. Just give it a try.

Doing Keyword Research

The most important aspect to rank any blog is doing keyword research.

But this is also interesting that for one keyword you search for and get other related keywords too.

That is again a useful option to get less competitive keyword that you can rank for as well as the blog post ideas.

Now you can use tools like KWFinder, SEMRush, and long tail pro to find low competitive keywords.

You can read my complete KWFinder review and walkthrough to know more about keyword research in detail.

Then copy your keyword and paste into tools like:

This will also give you related searches that you can combine within your Blog post.

Not only you will have a post idea but also have a great compiled content covering each and every search term within your blog post.


This techniques of finding blog post ideas can be applied by everyone irrespective of niche.

Some blog ideas are proven to work like Interview, in-depth content, reviews, round-up post etc.

But you can use each and every idea if you feel it goes well within your niche.

Like sharing your music playlist on SEO blog makes no sense.

But sharing some SEO related stuff on a Personal blog can make sense.

So choosing the post ideas according to your niche is a great way to build a community around your blog.

Likewise doing round-up post suits each and every industry.

The above tools and methods are a great way to find more post ideas when feeling stuck.

But you cannot always depend on such tools.

Brainstorming can be your best tool if you can utilize it.

Using online tools coupled with brainstorming is what I follow.

So if you follow any different tools for finding your Blog post ideas let me know. Let’s build a great community.

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  1. Hi Shadab,
    Great post bro. Tell me, what shall I call this article? An informative and valuable article for all bloggers. Being a blogger is one thing, coming up with blog post ideas to write about is another. Without blog topics to write, you’re out of business.

    So you must have an abundance of blog post ideas at your arsenal. The tips here are remarkably great and I have used quite a lot of them. However, my go-to for blog topic ideas right now is Buzzsumo, Quora, Facebook groups, blog comments,etc.

    From these avenues i get a ton of ideas to write about.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Moss for your appreciation.
      That’s really what I do when I am out of ideas. My personal favorite is getting blog post ideas from Keyword research and sometimes using Amazon hack, so to solve problems any user is searching for or struggling with.
      Apart from that I Use BuzzSumo for outreach and finding an influencer.
      Hope this article keep helping every blogger.

  2. Hey Shadab,
    Very detailed article. Have to say it was very well explained and very informative. Keep sharing these types of articles.

  3. We usually get the blog post ideas by reading the other blogger post, collecting tips, advice, and recommendation from the influencer. But your article has made us find the new and interesting content ideas for blog and tactics which are used to get high-quality backlink traffic. Thanks for sharing.

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