The Ultimate Niche Ideas That Will Bring $500 a Month

Are you struggling to find amazing Niche Ideas?

Or maybe starting an online business but don’t know what to pick as your niche.

Then this post is just for you.

Here you will know about some of the best niche ideas that you can start your online business upon it.

But hold up.

There will be many weird niche ideas you will come across in this post.

But those weird one can make a huge difference.

And there will also be some Niche ideas that you may come across.

My researched Niche ideas 2018.

So let’s dig deeper into each and every one.

Amazon Niche Ideas

What will you learn here?

1. What is Niche Site?
2. 11 Niche ideas list
3. Niche Ideas generator
4. Top 10 Profitable Niche

Note: There are millions of niche ideas that you can brainstorm by yourself. These ones listed here can perform best according to keyword research and affiliate programs available.

What is Niche Site?

A niche site is the one which focuses on a very narrow group of people in some of the overcrowded market.


Let’s understand with an example.

Technology is a vast niche and you will not able to rank for such competitive category(Niche).

So you narrow it down further to like Smartphone.

Still, that too is a competitive Niche and there are lot and lot of competition.

So again you narrow it down further to something like Accessories.

This has less competition compared to Technology as Niche.

But you can even narrow it down further to stand out of the crowd.

Now you can opt for one of the categories like Headphones, SD cards, Covers, and cases, etc.

This is how you can build your niche site.

The more specific you can get the less crowded your Niche site’s competition will be.

Now you got what is niche site. So let’s dive into some Niche Ideas that you can use.

11 Niche Ideas list

1. Mountain Climbing

This is the first one that I come across while making a review of KWFinder.

I found that Hiking shoes and trekking shoe were highly popular searches and there was less competition.

There were few other niche sites on the same topic but I found more than 20+ keyword across our main niche with very less competition.

2. Cricket Bat

Just go to Amazon and in sports section select cricket.

There you will see lots of product that you can promote on your niche site.

And bats were among that.

Use tools like KWFinder and Semrush to find it’s competition.

I have a separate post on doing keyword research with KWFinder. You can check it here.

Amazon associate program is the best way to monetize your Niche site.

3. Home Automation System

This is again one of the top-notch Niche Idea for a blog.

And Home based products always have the best commission rate on Amazon.

The keyword like home automation project, fritz smart home, etc have very low difficulty.

And you can find like 100’s of keyword and product around this niche to promote and make money.

You can even go further like smart home as your main niche.

4. Divorce Solution

Providing the solution to families who are going through this type of problem.

And the monetization method is basically through consultation, solution through the ebook, or sometimes with membership site to provide valuable suggestions and motivation.

Use a combination of informative and buyer intend keyword to target this niche’s audience.

Keyword suggestion – divorce solutions, divorce problem solution, cheap divorce lawyer, divorce lawyer for men, divorce advice etc.

These are very target keyword and has a minimum competition.

If you can rank on the front page of Google then you can make a handsome passive income through this Niche Ideas.

5. 3D Printing

This $30 Billion Dollar Niche that has over 90 million Americans ready to print money.

Latest in technology, people want to learn more and more and there is a huge market for that.

Keyword suggestion – large 3D printer, 3D printer cost, 3D printer filament, color 3D printer, big 3D printer, etc..

6. Yeast Free Diet

As the yeast market is also growing so does the people’s response to make yeast free products.

Some people say it is harmful.

So they want yeast free food.

And the blogs behind these type of issues are quite popular.

Keyword suggestion: yeast free diet, candida cleanse, yeast free bread, yeast free bread, best candida cleanse, etc

7. Truck Accessories

Very broad category but almost less competition.

This niche can be expanded and have a lot of potentials to sell products and services as well.

Reviewing the best accessories, writing informative articles can be a good way to rank for this type of keyword.

Keyword suggestion: trucker cap, chevy truck accessories, truck bed accessories, truck covers, dodge truck accessories, etc.

8. Toilet Training

Health and wellness, as well as baby care, can be covered in this category.

Have a really vast audience for this category and some of the best keyword in this niche and is still Untapped niche markets.

You can monetize this niche from Amazon products and can earn an affiliate commission.

Apart from that, you can create free guides as well as a paid ebook on this topic.

Keyword suggestion: potty training boys, baby potty, potty training pants, potty training seats, toilet training seats, etc

9. Teach Karate

I still love this topic.

No to very less competition.

Even if you have no talent you can start learning and documenting it in your Niche blog.

Some of the keywords have more than 10k searches and 20 is the keyword difficulty.

Note: Keyword research is done using KWFinder.

I have a separate post for doing Keyword research using KWFinder. You can read the full KWFinder review and tutorial here.

Keyword suggestion: Teach Karate, karate classes, karate training, karate for kids, karate lessons, best martial arts for a toddler, etc

10. Sweating

Comes under health and fitness a much-narrowed niche.

You can provide remedies and information here as people who search for keyword under this topic seeks remedies or the reason for it.

So a combination of remedies as well as the informative post makes this a very powerful Niche.

Keyword suggestion: Sweaty feet, sweaty hands, sweaty armpits, sweaty palms, sweaty feet cure, etc.

P.S: If you are not doing this Niche let me know. I want to use this idea too 😛

11. Soap

Comes under Hobbies and Interest this niche have great potential.

You are not just limited to use affiliate commission but you can sell your own products.

Keyword suggestion: homemade soup, soap base, natural soap, natural homemade soap, liquid soap making, etc.

Niche Ideas Generator

Do not want to use the mentioned niche ideas?

Do not worry.

You can find your niche ideas based on your passion too.

Here is how you can find your niche ideas.

It involves two steps and this is how I do.

1. Amazon

Go to Amazon and click on Departments.

Look for the topic you have passion on.

amazon niche site

As you can see from the image.

I clicked on Sports & Outdoors.

Now there you can see lots of other subcategories.

You can narrow it further down to more specific niche if that Niche is crowded or else you can start on that topic.

To see the keyword difficulty around any niche you can use tools like KWFinder, Semrush, and LongtailPro.

Now buy a domain around that niche.

Use Bluehost and get your hosting as cheap as $2.99 with a free domain name.


You found your niche. Now start creating your article around the keywords that you found.

2. Clickbank

You can find a lot of niche ideas from Clickbank.

As it is a site for affiliate products you can find almost any products to promote in your niche site.

And after getting the product you can get your niche ideas to build a site around it.

But it is not as vast as Amazon so the niche ideas can be limited.

You can use Clickbank to expand your monetization options.

Top 10 Profitable Niches

These are the most profitable niche to choose, but you have to narrow it further down so as to avoid competition.

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Hobby and interest
  3. Relationship and Dating
  4. Wealth and Money
  5. Self Improvement
  6. Education
  7. DIY
  8. Spiritual
  9. Travel
  10. Food

These are the broad category that never gets old.

Now as a Niche website builder you have to get very specific if that Niche is competitive.

You can even combine two niche ideas and make a new Niche out of that.

For example: Use DIY and Pet Niche and create something like DIY for Cat lovers or for a dog lover. Going that much specific can really avoid any high-level competition.

Final Word on Finding Niche Ideas

Finding your niche ideas is not just limited to the above-mentioned method.

But the above method is proven to be successful for me.

And the same blueprint I have used for over a long time.

You can definitely get success if you follow it.

But do listen to this.

Niche sites take time to generate traffic as well as money.

So have patience.

One of my sites took 8 months to generate a single penny.

But now it brings at an average of $400 per month without doing anything on the site.

I hope this post of a finding of Niche ideas will help you get started.

And if you have any question on finding Niche ideas or n any part of setting it up, let me know in the comment section. I will try to solve it ASAP.

15 thoughts on “The Ultimate Niche Ideas That Will Bring $500 a Month”

  1. Hey, Shadab! Awesome article here.

    Starting and growing a niche site is something I’ve always wanted to try doing. Been having some issues with picking a specific niche but this post came in handy. Will try some strategies you’ve shown here 🙂

    Thanks 🙂 Just shared!


  2. Hi Shadab,
    Your article is very informative and actionable. I wish you published it on my site. Anyway, I have shared it across social site and bookmarked it as well for references. I’m surely going to reference to it for my affiliate marketing programs.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Moss,
      Thanks for the appreciation and for sharing. It means a lot.
      Will definitely publish some quality contet on your blog. I too want to be a part of your Blogging Community.
      Glad You liked the niche ideas.
      Cheers 🙂

  3. You said one of your sites took 8 months to generate a single penny.
    But now it is bringing at an average of $400 per month without doing anything on the site. How is possible. What did you do ? Please share with us. How did you succeeded in getting traffic and earning money

    • Hi Anand,
      For Niche Site, I usually publish like 30-40 articles on the go and schedule all the article in social media for upcoming days.
      Apart from that, I have 10-20 article scheduled. Like 1 article per month. This way niche site keeps publishing content on regular basis and keeps it updated. It gradually gains organic traffic and you don’t need to do anything else if you have a less competitive niche. Niche sites always involve too much work during the initial stage but it can generate passive income in long run.
      Hope I answered your question.
      Thanks for commenting.

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