6 Best Tailwind Tribes To join that will Boost Your Blog Traffic

Tailwind Tribes are not new for those who are using Tailwind to Automate their Pinterest Account.

If you are using Tailwind and yet are not invited to any Tailwind Tribe You should follow this Article if You want to know how to increase blog traffic using Pinterest.

tailwind tribes to boost your blog

What is tailwind tribes?

You may be new to Tailwind or yet to join the revolutionary Pinterest tool. In both cases, you may not hear about tailwind tribes.

“Tailwind Tribes is a group of bloggers or people you connect with to share each other’s pins on a common topic. Not only is it a great way to keep track of people in your niche, but it gives you yet another way to assess the pin performance, since Tailwind tracks tribe shares and repins for you.”

Sounds Fascinating !!!!

Currently, Tailwind Tribes are in Alpha Phase and you can join only with the invite.

Tailwind Tribes are a great option provided by Tailwind which will surely boost your blog traffic even if your Pinterest account doesn’t have lots of followers.

Tailwind Tribes-infographics

The screenshot is an example of reach one Tailwind Tribe can give. Now Imagine what 5-6 tailwind tribes can do.

Tailwind tribes are the most important feature to use if you want to boost your Pinterest reach along with making Money.

Tailwind has said that you do not have to be a paying member of Tailwind to be in a Tribe. Although, I’m not exactly how this works because I do use it through my paid account.

“If you never Used Tailwind You might be wondering What is Tailwind…..”

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What is Tailwind?


Tailwind is the Scheduling app for Pinterest. It will automate the process of Pinning and you don’t have to stay online to pin manually.

It will not only save time but also increases traffic to blog.

Within a month my Pinterest profile sees a jump of 329% and that just for 4 hours a month work I put into Tailwind for Scheduling.

how do I find tailwind tribes?

After signing up for Tailwind account you will see Tribes option in the left side of Tailwind dashboard.

It will look something like this.

tailwind tribes

Now to find the Tailwind tribe according to your niche simply click on “Find a Tribe”.

And now search for the topic that you are interested in joining.

how do I find tailwind tribes to join

For example, I searched for the keyword “Blogger” and Tailwind displayed over 500 results as shown below.

how to find best tailwind tribes to join

As you can see there are various tribes that you can join for your targeted niche which in this case is “Blogging”.

Click on “Join Now” to join the Tailwind tribe that matches your requirement.

But also look for the number of members and Activity bar of the tribe that you want to join.

Higher the member and activity bar grater the chance that your pins get viral.

But not all tribes will accept you soon.

“Join Now” option will directly let you join the tribe.

But if the tribe has “Request to Join” then you will have to be accepted by the admin to be a member of the tribe.

And for the free trial period, you will be limited to join only 5 tribes with the monthly submission of 30 pins.

best tailwind tribes you can join

These are one of the best Tailwind tribes that I am also a part of.

They are the root cause of My Traffic increase over a short duration of time.

Here is the List of Tribes to Join :

Here is the link to My Tribe: Blogging For All – CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

how to add pins to your tribes?

Just see the Screenshot below.

Add-content-to-tailwind tribes

Through the above method, You can Add Your own Pins to Tailwind Tribe.

Now You also need to share your tribe members pin. This is an easy task…

tailwind tribes-content-share

Just open the tribe you wanted to Share content.

You will notice the Tribe Members pins. Now share the pins to your respective boards according to your Niche.

Next, to the search bar, you will see four different filters.

This allows you to toggle between different selections of content.

  • All– this is all the content that has been shared with the group.
  • New – Content you haven’t interacted with yet. Your content will not show up for you in this tab.
  • Yours – Content you have added to the board. It helps you keep on track on how well your content is being shared, as well as what you have pinned to the group feed.
  • Shared -Pins you’ve scheduled to post.
  • Skipped – Occasionally there will be content that doesn’t match your boards. You can “skip this content in order to clean your “New” queue.

final word

No doubt Tailwind Tribes are the best feature of a tailwind. If you find the Tribe related to Your Niche it will definitely Increase your Pinterest Engagement.

These engagements in turn will improve your Blog Traffic Drastically.

  • Be sure to Pin in those Tribes according to their own Rule.
  • Regularly check which one is giving You more engagement.
  • Pin only relevant content, not just for sharing point of view.
  • Be Consistent.
  • Don’t post repeated content. Post only fresh content.

So if you have created your own Tailwind Tribe you can give the link in comment Section. I will update the post with as much as tribes as possible.”

“Do let me know your Experience and for any related help feel free to ask.”


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