Best Ways To Boost Your Instagram Presence

Do You Want To Increase Your Instagram Presence?

These Methods will Help You Gain Popularity in Instagram.


Grow your Instagram

We all want to gain Social Media Presence but only a few are getting popular. So how a Normal Person can achieve that hype in Social Account.

With Instagram growing rapidly with more than 700+ million active users globally everyone wants to be Insta Famous. But despite being daily user people are unable to grow their Instagram account.

Having a huge follower base can let you earn too.

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This will definitely change if You follow my method and have a patience because becoming famous takes time.

All these methods are applied by Me and My Social Account i.e Instagram is growing rapidly. For attaining that level You have to follow these steps.

Step 1: Setup A Professional Looking Profile

There is a saying we all know. First Impression is the Last Impression.

People will definitely try to add a professional figure or someone who has a nice profile on the following list.

And the most important what people observe when they open any person’s Instagram account is their Profile Picture or Display Picture. That will be your first impression which you have to put in a great way that you will not go unnoticed.

While setting up your Personal account make sure that you have a nice or professionally designed Profile Picture.

Now after doing that fill up your profile details and include your Personal Name only. Try avoiding names like cool, angel, devil etc etc. This type of accounts is less likely followed.

Step 2: Follow Your Niche

If you want that people should know you then you have to follow a large number of people who are posting on the same topic as you do.

People don’t know that you even exist on Instagram. So to make your presence known you have to follow people. Follow means a lot of people to follow.

Suppose you are posting about SEO or Social Marketing, check the people who are posting about the same content with a huge fan base. Try to follow all the active member of that account.

Active users are those who regularly like or comment on their photos or video. Follow all the people and wait or some time. There are chances that few will follow back.

Now the question arises how many accounts you can follow. There is no real data available but from My experience, you can follow 7500 accounts. After that, you will not be allowed to follow people unless you have more follower count than following.

Try following 200 accounts per hour. If you go for more for N number of times, chances are that you are required to change your password as Instagram may find your account as a Spam account.

You can also find your niche by typing Hashtag followed by your niche. There you can see a large number of people using the same Hashtag. Try to find the most influenced person and follow their fan. This will surely boost your follower within 30days.

Now their follower became your follower too and thus will increase your influence on Instagram.

Step 3: Use of Hashtags

Some people completely ignore the use of Hashtags while brands use it in huge quantity. The results only show the difference. Pictures with hashtags are more likely to get likes than pictures without hashtags.

Try to use the trending hashtags in your niche or some related tags according to the picture or video you post.

People like to browse the Instagram using the hashtags. Trending hashtags can also be found on twitter trends. Try to use such hashtags in your pictures as well as videos.

So what is the actual number of Hashtags can be used in any post. The answer to that is 5-30. Use not less than 5 hashtags and not more than 30 tags.

Remember that people don’t always love photo or videos with tags. So put all your tags in the comment section. This will make your picture and profile tidy and also gives you chance to come into limelight.

Step 4: Consistency

Consistency is the key to success in any field whether you are Blogging, marketing or doing your regular job.

The same can be applied in case of Instagram. People always follow accounts who are either active or consistent in their work. They follow people in order to gain something from them on whatever expert field they post.

If you don’t post regularly people will forget you soon. To be in the market you have to post consistently.

The best way to do so posts at least 1 photo daily. Stories on Instagram works well and that will bring your post some footage so try to post stories on regular basis.

There are several tools available that make your work easy by scheduling your post and publish automatically on the set time and date.

Use Crowdfire (Mobile App) to schedule and boost your Instagram presence. It will automate your post and even publish your post with the best time option for maximum exposure.

Step 5: Using Apps and Social Tools

Managing one account can be done manually but for business point of view, all the account cannot be managed efficiently. Thus there come some tools and app that will do the work for you.

Here I will tell you about Mobile Apps And Online Tools.

Mobile App

  • Crowdfire: Crowdfire is a mobile app specially designed to boost your Social Media Presence. It has the option to like certain accounts which in turn increases your visibility with other Instagram accounts. you can Schedule your post and can set the date and time. Your post will be published at that scheduled time. this can reduce your workload. You can work one day and for later you can schedule your post. By this, you are consistent in the community.
  • Unfollowers: This is also a great tool to know who is following you back and who unfollowed you. You can’t just keep your following growing without them following you back. this will let you unfollow 200 accounts per hour and it is completely free to use. It has the option to unfollow more than 200+ people per hour but that can block your account.
  • Statusbrew: It has the same feature as Unfollowers and Crowdfire but the service is limited. In free version it only allows you to unfollow 100 accounts. Renewal time is 24 hour.

Online Tools

  • Buffer: Buffer enables you to schedule up to 2,000 social media posts using their Business Plan. You can access and analyze the activities generated by the posts you’ve made. You also have the right to grant access to up to half a dozen members of your team or staff.

Automate Social Media with Buffer

  • HootSuite: Like Buffer, Hootsuite helps you instantly connect with more than 35 popular social media networks. With one click, you can plan your posts and have them delivered to your profiles on various social media platforms.


  • Iconosquare: With this excellent tool, you can get a vivid picture of the number of likes received, the average number of total likes, your most liked photo ever, a growth chart of your followers, and some even more advanced analytics.Iconosquare really assists you in enhancing communication with your Instagram followers.

Instagram Analytics


All these strategies can help you grow your account in no time.

With proper tools and method employed you can grow rapidly and the response will be amazing.

These are all the methods which I personally use and recommend you to give it a try.

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