How to Start a Successful Blog in 2019, Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide

There are millions of user who create a blog with WordPress but only a few stands apart.

This tutorial is for those who want to make a difference in the blogging industry.

So if you want to have a money making blog Pay Attention.

In this tutorial, I will show you the step-by-step procedure on How you can build your blog within 15 minutes.

Are you ready Now!




This is tutorial where you will learn:

  1. Selecting Your Niche
  2. Choose Your Domain Name
  3. Choose Your Hosting Provider
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Customize Your Blog
  6. Create Your First Blog Post

Here's the short Video for basic Understanding.

1. Choose Your Niche

You should be thorough with the idea you are going to blog.

Generally speaking, Niche stands for the topic you are going to write about.

Some of the trending Niche in 2017 is as follow:

  • Entertainment
  • Fashion and Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • News
  • Gadgets etc

(Note: The above category is based on my experience and is mentioned in the random order.)

But now you got what is going to be your niche for your blog.

Choose the trending topic for your blog as well as the one that you have interest in. Writing on something that people rarely search for is not going to make you a successful blogger.

And don’t choose something that is trending but you don’t have any idea about it.

Suppose if you are a person who loves technology and you went for lifestyle blogging because of its growing trend, you will never succeed.

Even if you opt for Technology try to go on for a little narrow category for technology such as mobiles, tablets, computer, Virtual reality etc. Don’t just blog for all category as technology is a broad category and has a lot of competition and you will be crushed by the tech giants.

So choose your category wisely as this will be the only thing you will be blogging for.

This is the step you should think for more than for any other step mentioned here.

And you can check out my post about Best Niche Ideas to get some ideas for your blog.

Now if you choose the category you comfortable with now go to step 2.

​2. Choose Your Domain Name

When you are done with deciding your Niche its time for you to choose your domain name.

Domain name is the most important as this will become the identity of a blog.

Don’t choose some random name for your domain and not even your name as the domain name until and unless you are famous.

Try to choose the related name for your domain as your niche (idea).

You can try to check for the domain name on BlueHost.

If possible, search for names that have a keyword in it. This will make your search ranking higher. But that type of domain mainly cost more.

But not include the exact match in your domain name.

Opt for the most suitable name. Make sure You don’t have these in your domain :

  • Numbers
  • Hyphens and underscore

This will make people difficult to remember your website/blog name.

Have a catchy name as a domain and avoid tongue-twisting names.

Signup to Bluehost hosting and get a free domain from this link.

These are the two most trusted one I came across during my blogging career. You can even have a domain from one service and hosting from other one or both from the same place according to your own wish.

My personal opinion is to buy both from the same service provider as it is easy to configure during site setup.

3. Choose your Hosting Provider

You might have a domain name or have purchased from another site. But go for genuine hosting provider as it will be the heart of your blog.

WordPress recommend BlueHost but you can go to Siteground, Hostgator etc.

Like any other blogger, I recommend BlueHost and Siteground. They have a well-balanced service and customer support. They too have an easy installation of WordPress site so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Hosting also influence your site speed and that is one of the major factor Google index your site.

So choose your hosting provider wisely as it is the heart of your blog.

If you have completed the above steps then its almost done. The major portion is completed and the minor part is yet to go.

4. Install WordPress on Your Hosting

A hosting is the place where you will install and manage your WordPress.

And if you don’t have a good Hosting your blog will not do well.

That’s why Hosting is sometimes called as “Soul of the Blog”.

And for that I Recommend using Bluehost and Siteground.

There two services I am using for all of my blogs.

And this is Because:

  • check
    ​Free Custom Domain
  • check
    ​One Click Installation
  • check
    Free SSL Certificate
  • check
    ​Amazing Support and Service

As this Blog is Hosted on Siteground so let me give you the tutorial of Siteground.

Don’t Worry this is almost similar in every hosting like BlueHost, Godaddy or Hostgator etc.

So let’s get started.

Select your Hosting Plan

First go to and click on see plans.

On the next page you will see it’s plans.

siteground plans

Depending upon your Niche and Budget you can choose any of the plans.

My suggestion is to opt for Grow Big Plan as you can host multiple blogs at later stage.

And if you are just starting out choose the StartUp plan.

I started with StartUp plan only.

Register Your Domain

siteground domain

If you have not purchased the domain from other provider you can purchase directly here.

Click on “Register a New Domain” and type the name you want to have as your domain name.

If that’s available click on “Proceed”.

Note: My personal recommendation is GoDaddy for domain purchase. You can save $10.

And if you already purchased your domain from some other provider then click on other option “I already have a Domain”.

And now fill in the details.

Sitegroung Web Hosting Order

Don’t purchase Domain Privacy and site scanner. It only increases the cost.

Review all the information, you’ve just entered, Click ‘Pay Now’.


​You have created your WordPress site.

Installing WordPress

This can be done by going to “My Accounts and then click on Installation“.

siteground installation

The main advantage of Siteground is that if you don’t know technical stuffs you can ask for help.

They have live chat and they will literally do the hardwork for you.

Even they have “Free Site transfer” feature in their every plan.

Your WordPress login URL will look like this:

Click on the WordPress login link to login to your dashboard.

Now we’re ready to customize your site’s appearance and start blogging.

WordPress dashboard at first may seems a bit confusing but you will learn more about exploring it the right way. That’s where I would help you. Feel free to  Contact Me.

5. Customizing Your Blog

After installing WordPress it’s time to customize your blog according to your own need and Category.

Install Theme

By default, you will get a pre-installed theme but that is not the one you would go for.

There are thousands of free and premium themes you can choose. Choose the one that best suits your Niche.

For selecting the theme for your WordPress site click on Appearance on the left side of your dashboard. There you will find multiple options but for now, click on Themes.

Appearance->>Themes->>Add New

Choose the theme according to your requirement.

Go with premium theme from Themeforest and Mythemeshop. They have theme for every category and have a neat clean codes.

​6. Writing Your First Post

To write your first blog post, click on the Posts » Add New menu in your WordPress dashboard.

The editor looks simple with basic tools for formatting the text you write.

Once you are done with your post you can either save it as the draft or can directly publish it.

Now You have successfully completed your Beginner Guide on creating your WordPress Blog.

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There are a lot of things you will understand and learn during your blogging career.

This is just the basic to help you getting started.

And if you got any question feel free to ask in the comment section.

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    There are tons of people out there looking for ways to setup WordPress blog or website. Your article is timely as it shows the what and how of setting up a website.

    Many make the mistake of choosing just any web hosting service, not knowing that some if these can keep up with the ins and outs of web hosting. Blue and Siteground are amazing. They’re my first pick. In fact, two of my sites are hosted by Bluehost and Siteground respectively.

    They give you all the necessities of a web host provider, such as speed, backup, customer service, etc.

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