How to Find If a Business Is Legit or a Scam

As time goes on and technology evolves, more and more scams are coming up every day. And there are people who are caught on these scams. So what one can do to find out that whether a business is legit or scam.

Before judging someone to purchase their product or services make sure you have checked the list provided. This list is to make sure you never get scammed.



Checklist to go through to Determine If a Business is Legit or Scam.

1. Does the site look professional?

As I mentioned before that a professional website is the first impression a user gets.

If anyone wants to make any purchase it will come to the default website to buy. But if the site is not professional looking no one will be willing to spend a single penny even if you have legit products.

Professional brands will make sure that they have a neat website with all thing arranged systematically without any bumping ads.

Even if brands have ads displaying on their sites they will be placed very well. No ad pop up will be there and they show you only the relevant ads.

A lot of times, if a business is a scam, they will have nothing but stock photos from Google images and very little content.

If you look into some fake websites you will notice there are lots of popup and link shortening ads.

The website interface is not clean and systematic.

Nowadays there are fake sites which have a neat interface and no popup ads but they don’t have a legit business address. You will know the detail in next step.

2. Is contact information real and visible?

Brands will have a particular About me and Contact page with well written detailed content. They want that their customer should know the real address and location of the business.

Every legitimate business will have a custom phone number that is easy to remember and an email address with the domain name.

People running scams will never show their real information online.

The easy way to identify any site or business information is by searching for that place on Google Map. If the business is legal and is not scam Google will definitely index that address.

You can even search the name of company or website to know its detail. Even you can search for the domain to know the name, number and email address along with exact address if they don’t mask their URL.

Fake business doesn’t look into small aspects and that the place you are advised to look for.

3. Are Contracts and emails full of misspellings?

Business Is Legit or Scam

Another common pattern of businesses that aren’t legit is they tend to misspell words frequently on contracts, website content, or emails.

You might have some of the emails in your inbox that claims some offer or product/services at cheap price. But there you might notice that the mail itself have a lot of Spelling and Grammar mistakes.

A brand or Business related emails do not make such mistakes. They make sure that their customer gets the best.

If ever you doubt on any email try to look into details of the sender. The brands do have a Google Plus badge or their default logo.

You can even check the sender’s email id. If that is from some random sites kindly ignore the mail.

For future convenience move that to spam so even by mistake you don’t get scammed.

4. Do they have proper website registration?

There are lots of tool available that can help you on checking the website.

The most recommended is Google Transparency Report. It will not only analyze websites but also the emails.

Business Is Legit or Scam
Google Transparency Report

From there you can make sure that you do not fall for scams related business.

There is Better Business Bureau which will also help you to analyze any Business related website. You can find the business by Name, Phone Number, URL and the state and country you are looking for.

5. Are there online complaints about them?

Check different review sites and the Better Business Bureau for complaints or red flags that come up against the company you’re researching.

You can even ask for reviews on sites like Quora to know much about the business you want to investigate.

Helpful resources:

6. Do they have a business entity?

A real business that is legitimate will usually have some sort of LLC or corporate entity. Look at the bottom of websites for “LLC”, “Inc”, or “All Rights Reserved”.

Even website or business will have a PVT LTD in its name.

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There are a lot of ways which can help you from getting trapped into scam if you look properly.

Those sites or business makes a lot of mistakes but if you are aware of your surrounding you can prevent something bad happening to you.

It is the era of advanced technology and people are even trying hard to scam others. They are also getting more advanced.

The above methods are convenient to find anything wrong happening around you but it is the user who has the ultimate choice.

Try to make sure you have the right place to look into.

Don’t forget to share awareness. Your share can help others.



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