How to make money on YouTube without Creating videos

In this post I will show you the exact process on How to make money on YouTube without making videos.

Yes this is possible and people are making a huge amount of money on YouTube.

This may sound weird but it is possible.

And I will show you the simplest way to make money on YouTube and for that you don’t even need to make any videos.

YouTube Ad Revenue Model

First of all if you are completely new to YouTube let me tell you how you can make money on YouTube. 

The first way that you can get paid from YouTube is by Displaying Ads.

And Ads are going to be your primary source of income and that’s what you are going to focus on. 

There are other means of monetization also available that you can use and I will share those tips as well. 

But as long as you’re getting the views, you can show ads on your video. 

And you can get paid as part of their revenue something between $0.50-$10 per 1000 views depending on your niche and audience. 

Using Affiliate Marketing 

So as your channel starts growing you can make more income from YouTube just by recommending products. 

Affiliate marketing will generate more revenue than Google Ads. 

My Recommendation

But why I told you to focus on Ads as primary source of income is because some niches don’t have the products that you can promote. 

Just take an example :

If you create a YouTube channel about “Top 10”, what products do you think you can promote. 

Probably none. 

For some you can find products to promote on some of the videos depending on the topic but not for all videos. 

Like you can promote Amazon affiliate products on video titled “Top 5 Headphones”, but you will not able to find products to promote for topic titled “Top 5 Haunted Places”. 

So now you got the picture. 

Lets now move to real topic. 

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Find Your Niche

The first thing you have to do is to find out the niche for you channel. 

Note: since you are not making your own videos for YouTube so think of some common niche. 

Examples of some common niches are:

  • Top 5, top 10,etc
  • Relaxing Music
  • Trailers 
  • Funny clips
  • Gameplay
  • Video Games
  • PC games 
  • Memes
  • Comment channel (Though this requires you to give your reaction) 

Don’t dig too deep on a niche where you can’t find any videos available on YouTube. 

So general niche channel works for this if yoi want to earn money from YouTube without creating own videos. 

For demo I selected “Top 10” as my niche. 

All the other examples I will show you based on this niche so you can understand well. 

2. Find Example Videos For Your Niche

Now the second step is to find some videos for your YouTube channel. 

Just search in YouTube for your desired video and make a list of videos that fits your channel. 

For giving demo. 

I searched for “Top 10 Places to Visit”. 

Here’s the list of videos that I got. 

make money on youtube without creating videos-1

You can also find some unique ideas just by looking at the YouTube search queries. 

make money on youtube without making videos

Here also aim for longtail keywords as it is quite easy to rank for. 

One thing – you must install VidIQ to follow the next steps and get a higher ranking in YouTube

Now open top three videos from the YouTube search results in a new tab. 


I will explain this in later step. 

3. Download Creative Common Videos

Now you got some videos after doing your niche search. 

The next step is to find videos that you can reuse for your own channel. 

These videos are under Creative Common Licence. 

This means you can reuse the videos. 

To get Creative Common videos click on “Filter” on the left side of the screen as shown below and select “Creative Common”.

download creative common videos

Then click on apply. 

Or if you are downloading videos on mobile devices click on this right side filter option and then select the “Creative Common”. 

You will find a ton of videos that are under Creative Common Licence and you can use it on your YouTube channel. 

Note: Make sure to download such videos only which don’t have a watermark on them.

You can directly download these videos and then upload it to your Channel. 

But I don’t recommend it. 

What I recommend is editing. 

4. Edit Them Into Final Video

You should download 2-3 videos for the same topic first.

And edit it accordingly. 

Like trim the the introduction (if any), any portion of video that makes them look like someone’s else video and not yours. 

Now take some part from one video, some from other videos that you have downloaded and merge then into one. 

Also add your own intro screen and exit screen to give it a more professional touch. 

This way yoi will make your video unique from other videos (not much but still it will make a difference). 

5. Upload to Your YouTube Channel

After editing the final version of your video you can now upload it to your YouTube channel. 

Now do you remember I have told you to install ViqIQ

This is where you will need to use it. 

Remember also told you to open top 3 results on a new tab. 

Now go to those videos and check their Title, description, and tags. 

You need to optimize you video according to the top results so that you could easily get the best ranking. 

If not you can at least come in related videos section. 

Optimize your video for Title

Look at the title of 3 best videos first. 

Now if they don’t use the focus keyword, which in our demo is “Best Places to Visit”, use the title as the keyword itself. 

Optimize the Tags

Before even writing the description you need to fill the related tags first. 

Filling tags first will help you get ideas about many tags that you can later add in your description section. 

Since you already have VidIQ installed and all top ranking videos opened in new tab you will be able to see what tags these videos are using. 

Look for the tags with numbers on it.

These are the keywords (tags) and their respective ranking. 

vidiq tags

Copy tags from all other videos which are ranking and paste in your video tag section. 

You can alsi get related tags from VidIQ related suggestions.

Also add them to tags section. 

Optimize the Description Area

YouTube gives an option to add 5000 characters in the description area.

Try to utilise the full or as much as possible. 

Give full details about the things you mentioned in your Video. 

Similar to writing a mini blog post. 

And try to mention your keyword(s) accordingly. 

Since you already have a variation of keywords you can use these in your description also. 

But don’t just stuff keywords randomly. 

Add wherever is possible and which forms a sense. 

Create Your Own Thumbnail

Create a thumbnail something similar to what other ranking vudeos have. 

You can use some online tools like Canva, Crello, or Pic Monkey, etc to create an amazing thumbnail for free. And it does not require any designing skills. 

After creating your thumbnail upload it by selecting “Custom Thumbnail” option. 

And then click on upload. 

It’s done. 

6.Monetizing Your Channel

At the beginning you will not able to make any money from Ads. 

This is because of the YouTube policy. 

This policy state that you should be having 4000 hours of Watch time and 1000 subscribers to enable monetization option. 

So as soon as you hit the required criteria you will be able to enable monetization. 

Final Word To Make Money on YouTube Without Creating Videos 

This is one of the easy way to make more than $100 passive income on YouTube in 2019 without even creating your own videos. 

What I recommend is when you see your channel growing and you start making some bucks, start making your own videos. 

This way you will be able to grow your channel and make an authority in that industry. 

Hope you understood everything. 

If you have any question regarding the topic feel free to ask in the comment section. 

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