How To Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest

Yes You can increase blog traffic with Pinterest as I did.

You might have heard of Pinterest as one of the social network like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But that’s not true at all.

increase blog traffic with pinterest

Pinterest is a type of Search Engine like Google but is mainly for Image search.

But Pinterest is one of the best network you can use to drive traffic to your blog without spending much time.

As Facebook is continuously changing its algorithm people are unable to see posts on their news feed. This is because Facebook don’t want their user to leave Facebook and go to some external site.

So for some Bloggers Facebook is dead.

Twitter on the other hand is a continuous channel and an average tweets last for about 24 minutes or sometimes even less.

But a Pinterest post is Evergreen. They last for more than 4 months and yet drive traffic to your blog.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a web and mobile application startup that operates a software system designed to discover information on the World Wide Web. The site was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp.

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann summarized the company as a “catalog of ideas”, rather than as a social network, that inspires users to “go out and do that thing” – as listed on Wikipedia.

Pinterest was founded in 2010 and has attracted lots of attention.

Here is Some of the facts about Pinterest

  • It is more of Search Engine than Social network
  • 88% of people purchase what they pin
  • Pinterest has over 70 million users
  • Those 70 millions users have sent a combined total of over 30 million pins
  • 80% of pins are just re-pins

“And Pinterest brings me more traffic than any other social media”

So Who Are Using Pinterest ?

You might be thinking is Pinterest for Bloggers? So for Your answer. Yes it is.

Pinterest are best platform for all types of people.

People using it are Bloggers, Writers, Authors, Marketing Expert, Fashion Bloggers, Food Bloggers and Everyone You can think of.

And don’t get into the Myth that Pinterest are only for females.

There are lot of male bloggers you can find on Pinterest and they are making money from Pinterest.

So You can too Grow your blog traffic with Pinterest and can Make Money from Pinterest.

To increase blog traffic with Pinterest You Just have to follow the mentioned Steps. These are :

1. Create Your Pinterest Account

To create Your Pinterest Account go to Pinterest

Create Your Account with your email address or signup directly with Facebook or Google.

This will help you get started.

Now the Next option will be to,

2. Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

This is the first step You should consider before moving any further as Your blog traffic will depend on your Pinterest profile.


First of all You need to have a Business Account. For that you just need to convert Your normal profile to business one.

To do so, click on profile on top right corner and click on Settings. There You will have the option to convert your profile into business profile.

The advantage of having business profile is that you can have Analytics which is important to check the performance.

To Optimize Your Pinterest Profile Follow these 3 Steps :

Step1 : Business Name – Just writing your own name or your Business name is not enough to be found on Pinterest. You have to add something related to your blog or business. As shown on above image I have added “Blogger and SEO Expert + Author and Content Creator” along with my name. This space can be utilized to put some of the keyword related to your niche so that people can find your profile.

Step2 : About You – In About You section try to include your keyword too along with what you do. Tell people about yourself and includes what problem you can solve. Includes a call to action which answer why people should follow you. Don’t forget to add your Website/blog address.

Step3 : Profile Picture & User Name – Include a bright image as profile picture. This will be going to be your virtual identity. Include your own image if possible as people can build a good relationship with a live person than with a brand.

And use a username similar to your blog or you can even use your own name.

Now you have optimized your profile, so its time to :

3. Create Pins (Images) for Your Blog Post

Now the best way to boost your blog traffic with Pinterest start by creating a high visual eye catching image.

As You know that Pinterest is Image based Social Platform cum Search Engine and its images that grabs user attention on Pinterest.

Even if you have no idea on designing Images you can do it and create a professional looking Pinterest image within minutes. For that you don’t even need to hire any graphic designer.

You can create beautiful images from some freemium sites like Canva and PicMonkey.

I personally use Canva for all of my images. You will get predefined templates for all social platform including Pinterest.

increase blog traffic with pinterest

“Note – The standard size for Pinterest is 735 px * 1102 px but You can increase the height for more visibility. My pins which have a height of 1200 px perform better than pins with 1102 px. “

Now for creating Pinterest images make sure to include some vibrant color and choose 2-3 colors which matches your brand.

Colors like Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Violet, Purple performs better than dull colors.

You can see on my blog that I have only few colors on all of my images for Pinterest.

Have a similar approach so that people can recognize you seeing your images on Pinterest. This is how you can brand your blog and business.

4. Start Pinning Your Image on Pinterest

So how to pin a blog post on pinterest? This is what you have been thinking about. Pinning blog post on Pinterest is as easy as eating an apple pie.

“Now I don’t know if it is easy for You to eat an Apple Pie 😛 ”

Once you have created your images and uploaded in your blog post you can pin it or upload it on Pinterest.


Now Click on + as shown above.

You will see two options that is Upload Image & save from site.

So you can upload your own created image directly here.

how to pin a blog post on pinterest

Try to save your image as similar to your post/pin name. Even include your keyword too. This will be helpful for optimizing pins for Pinterest.

Name it like “increase-blog-traffic-with-pinterest.jpg rather than 128475image.jpg

After uploading your image to Pinterest you can give your web address or blog post address where you want your user to redirect. Don’t include misleading urls as you will be blocked soon for it.

The other option you can use is upload directly from your site.

For that click on Save from site from + option.

how to pin a blog on pinterest

Now add your site/blog address and click on Next. This will fetch all your blog content’s image. So you don’t have to manually add in Pinterest.

how to pin blog posts on pinterest

This is how it looks. Now you can save the pins on Pinterest.

Note : If you have uploaded your pins manually there is no option to add description. To do so you have to edit that pin and fill in your description.

You should indicate an eye catching description with keyword. Keyword in description is important. Pinterest works as a search engine too. So try to include good description.

5. Pin Pin & Pin

There is strategy for each and every social media platform like for Facebook you need to post 2 times a day, for twitter you need 4-5 times a day etc. So what is the number of pins you need to post on Pinterest?

Its has a minimum of 5-10 pins per day and maximum of 20-30 pins.

These are not the Pinterest rules but it is from the experiment that people have done.

The bloggers who have a monthly 10k visitor pins around 20-30 pins per day.

I pin 10-15 pins per day too.

Now you might be thinking that how you can pin continuously and be active on Pinterest.

So you don’t need to be.

Pinterest is not all about pinning your own pins. Its rather pinning more of other pins than your own pin.

Now this will reduce your work load. Now you can be active on Pinterest without producing daily 10-20 pins ready image of your own.

But you still have to be active for pinning other pins!

No you don’t have to. You can automate the process. There are various apps that can fully automate the process without you doing anything.

All you have to do is work for 1 day and schedule all your pins for one month. Doesn’t sound unbelievable!!!

No its not. There are various apps which can automate the process but I mainly recommend Tailwind as this is what I have been using to boost my Pinterest reach and traffic.

Signup to Tailwind with my Link & get 1 month free of tailwind Plus. Offer only with referral link.

The two best app you can use for Pinterest to automate your process so that you can increase blog traffic with Pinterest & even make money from Pinterest which is What everyone of us wants.

Apps for Pinterest (To Automate the Process)

There are many apps you can find just by searching it on google. But the two I have used are :

  1. Tailwind
  2. Board Booster

There is a separate tutorial on my blog on –  How To Boost Blog Traffic With Tailwind.

6. Find Tribes (For Tailwind Users)

If you decided for tailwind app it is for you. Else you can skip this step.

So tribes are amazing feature of tailwind that can drastically increase your Pinterest reach thus you can increase blog traffic with Pinterest.

But tribes feature in Pinterest is in Alpha phase so You can’t just search and join tribes as your choice. You need to be invited on tribe to post & share your pins.

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Here is My invitation for my blog readers. Just click on the links and you will be accepted

Here is the List of Tribes to Join :

Here is the link to My Tribe : Blogging For All – CLICK HERE TO JOIN

7. Find & Participate on Group Boards

The problem with just starting out on Pinterest is that you don’t have an audience.

It is possible to get thousands of Pinterest followers, but when you first start out – how do you put your blog posts in front of a large audience?

So for Your rescue here comes the Pinterest Group Board.

Group board organizers want their group boards to constantly get updated with more pins so they rank better on Pinterest’s search engine and generate more engagement.

There are plenty of group boards with over 10,000 followers that would all be great places for you to promote your blog posts.

So How You Can Join A Group Board

Sometimes it looks easy and sometimes it not.

You have to find Groups within Your Niche. Open their profile and you can see the rules to become a contributor.

Email them and ask for joining their group. Some may reply soon some maybe late. Many will not at all.

But if You email 10 groups you will be accepted in at least 2 which is great way to start.

Tip : Before sending emails to Group Board Admins make sure to have at least 10 boards in your profile with 30 pins in each. That will help you in getting accepted fast.

Bonus Tip : Use Facebook Groups to Find Group boards for Pinterest. There are number of Facebook groups where members share their information and invite each other to their Pinterest Group Board. This is most easy way to join any board.

8. Consistency

Consistency is the key to success in any field so is here in Pinterest.

Pinning daily is the key factor to increase blog traffic with Pinterest and will help your blog traffic in long run.

This can be achieved by using any of the mentioned app to schedule your pins on Pinterest. This is easy and best social media marketing strategy that you can use to boost your blog traffic.

There are Bloggers who make money on Pinterest by posting regularly.


Pinterest is most under-rated social platform but is best to boost traffic to blog if you are not appearing on Google first page for some overcrowded keyword.

But with Pinterest you can build your audience.

People with just few followers is getting tons of blog visit from Pinterest and making money online.

So You can also boost blog traffic with Pinterest within months.

So if You have any Query You can ask in the comment section.

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