How To Install Custom Blogger Template

If you have created a blog on Blogger you might be seeing very outdated blogger template. Though it has updated its theme section with some new templates still it is very outdated compared to what WordPress has.

Either You can select those blogger templates for your theme or you can download custom template for blogger.

Install Custom blogger template

Yes you can modify your site with beautiful templates that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Many sites are using Google Blogger but they upload custom templates to make it look beautiful.

So How You Can Install Blogger Template

It is very easy process and you can do it within minutes.

But before moving any further it is advised to backup your previous template to avoid any misfortune. Right na!!

Now before installing you need to download templates for blogger.

Now Follow the steps to setup and install custom theme on blogger.

1. Download Your Template

Google Blogger doesn’t have any verified sites for custom blogger template but it can be downloaded by third party sites.

You have to be careful while downloading Blogger template from some unwanted sites as they can be infected with malware and viruses.

There are few paid and free blogger template sites that I have personally used and it didn’t caused me any trouble.

These sites provide responsive blogger template, free blogger template and many other styled free and paid blogger template. My recommended sites for downloading blogger template is :

Visit any of the site and download the template that suit your need and niche.

2.Extract Zipped Downloaded Template File

Unzip-blogger template

The downloaded file will be in Zip containing blogger xml templates an

d other documentation from the theme provider.

Now you need to unzip template file.

We only need the XML file to upload as blogger don’t support zip upload like WordPress.

3. Login To Your Blogger Dashboard

You need to Login to your blogger dashboard.

Click on Theme (Available at Left Hand Side of Blogger dashboard).

upload-blogger template

4. Upload Your XML File (Blogger Template File)

Click on Backup/Restore option.

Look at the top right corner, you will see “Backup / Restore” button and click it on.

After that a dialog box will appear something like this.

Upload blogger template

Click on Browse and choose your XML file like this.


After that Click on Upload.

Wait for the process to complete.

You have successfully installed templates in your blogger blog.

Through this process your data will be safe. If you have pasted any code on the template it will not be deleted. But you may see the variation in layout as different templates need different layout setting.

Alternative Method

If you get any of the message after uploading your template like :

  • We were unable to save your theme.
  • Your theme could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. P
  • lease make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
  • XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.

Follow this method or If you like to clear all the formatting and customization that you have in your theme and install a completely fresh one then you can follow this method.

This method will delete all the codes that you might have added. Though no post will be deleted but keeping post backup is always recommended.

Step 1 : Open XLM file with Text Editor

Open .xml file using text editor like notepad, wordpad, notpad++ or something like that.


It will look something like this.

xml file

Press CTRL+A (Select All).

Step 2 : Open HTML Editor on Blogger

Go to Theme from bloggers dashboard.


Now Click on Edit HTML.


It will look something like that.

Now Select all (CTRL+A) and delete it.

After that Paste the XML code you have copied from your template.

Now Click on Save Theme.


Some free Blogger templates you find on the web may be incompatible with the most recent version of Blogger.

If You want custom template made only for you and your blog, you can find someone who knows to design template.

Some sites like Freelancer, Fiverr etc. are good for purchasing themes and template.

But if you want to go for free blogger templates you can always use the sites mentioned above. They even have premium templates and some even have support service.

You can also reinstall the template you downloaded as a backup, or use the Template Designer.

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