How to Make Money Online with WhatsApp

Want to know how you can make money with WhatsApp?

This post is exactly for you.

You might have noticed that some people were able to earn money from WhatsApp. earn money from whatsapp

You want the same!

So here is the step-by-step guide on how you can earn money from WhatsApp.


Earn Money From WhatsApp

Making Money Online from WhatsApp is now possible and even it doesn’t require any investment.

People are Earning Online using this method.

 Yes you read it right.  


You can earn money with WhatsApp and that too without investing anything.

No, it’s not like you don’t need to work but you have to work smartly.

The WhatsApp is growing at a rapid speed and has a monthly 1.2 billion active users.

So you can see that there is a huge audience you have for marketing.

As there are various methods that Blogger and YouTuber use to earn money online. And if these methods are applied in WhatsApp you can too earn money. So what you need to get started. There is not much you need apart from a WhatsApp account.

There are 5 important strategies which will definitely help you to earn money from WhatsApp.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has been the core option for Blogger and YouTuber for earning money.

The same trick work of WhatsApp too.

All you have to do is sign up for an affiliate program. These are not WhatsApp affiliate program.

But there are Affiliate Marketing sites that can help you.

If you are thinking to start Affiliate Marketing read this Article: How To Start Affiliate Marketing In 2018

I have a full article on Affiliate Marketing Sites to Boost your Income that you should read if you are considering starting out Affiliate Marketing on WhatsApp.

There are various sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc which offer huge commission on their product.

My recommendation goes to Amazon because of the vast product availability and huge commission.

Sign up for Amazon Affiliate Marketing from here.

How to Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program?

While signing up you will be required to give the website address or App link.

Sign up using website option as this is the best choice. If you are not having any website don’t panic.

You can create a free website with or from Google Blogspot or WordPress.

Then you are ready to go. Search the product you want to share with WhatsApp group or contact and send them the product affiliate link.

If anyone in the WhatsApp group or contact buys through your link you will get the mentioned commission.

Amazon Afiliate Marketing

As you can see it has TEXT ONLY feature which is an excellent option to share product through WhatsApp.


2. URL Shortening

URL shortening was also the service used by blogger but that was ought to bring a negative user experience and were not used now.

But there are many small bloggers still use that.

The same method can be applied for earning from WhatsApp. There are various link shortening services available like Adfly, Google URL shortening, etc.

But My recommendation is to go for the Shortest.

Sign up for Shortest and start earning.


Decide your niche what you want to share with the WhatsApp contact and group.

 Even you can short any news link, entertainment or any other topic of your choice, even this post. 

Shorten the link to an article with Shortest and share in WhatsApp. Any user if opens the link, you will get money.


3. Share Your Skill

Now if you have a special skill or can provide people with the information they need in their field you can share those skills to earn a few bucks for entry into WhatsApp group.

If you have an efficient network you can provide the current news to people in WhatsApp contacts.

You can broadcast the news on an hourly basis and charge them the subscription fee.

Even if have knowledge in other fields you can share that information and can earn a handsome income.

Here is the trick that will double your profit. You can combine link shortening option with your skill and share those content with WhatsApp user. This only works if you are sharing your article/services with link shortening technique.

The same thing goes if you have a blog, website or YouTube channel. You can promote them in WhatsApp which in turn increase your traffic and views so that you can earn from Ad network.


4. PPD Network

PPD stands for Pay Per Download.

Now you got what it really had to do with. You will be paid if your content is downloaded.

There are various sites which offer PPD service but I am using OpenLoad. This is the best choice for earning without going through multiple hardships.

Sign up to OpenLoad

It is very easy to use the site. All you have to do is upload any file like video, images, songs and then share the unique link in different WhatsApp groups and contact.

You will get paid if they download your content.

For every 10k download, you will be paid between $10-$40.


5. Advertisement

Lastly, you can Advertise or the product in the WhatsApp group.

If someone wants you to promote their business you could charge them. And promote their product/service to thousands of contact.

You can even take help from local advertisement business and take a share for promoting their product.


6. Promote Your and Others Blog/Website/YouTube Channel

If you have many WhatsApp groups with 250 members you can promote your own blog content and can get instant traffic to your blog post.

Even you can charge other bloggers and YouTubers for promoting them as you already have amazing WhatsApp community.

And by this, they can also get views on their post and videos.

Charge less compare to other marketers.

This way other bloggers and YouTubers will come directly for your service.

This way you can make a pretty good amount of money from WhatsApp promoting your’s as well as other’s products or services.

And at a later stage, you can make separate WhatsApp groups for specific Niches to get targeted views for your clients.


Final Word

These are the most applied method which can bring you a handsome income but this method will not let you quit your regular job.

You can customize your method according to your own need and do let me know if they work.

Now you got something on how you can earn money from WhatsApp.

So if you have any idea, suggestion or query feel free to ask in the comment section.



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